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The Best fitness platform for home workouts that I stumbled upon. I lost 3 pounds in just 7 days.

Janet C, 9 to 5 Professional

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Eager and Engaged Clients

Capitalize on our captive audience. Simply teach your classes on our platform and never chase lukewarm leads again.

Focus on Training not Tech

Avoid tech nightmares with our easy-to-use platform that has built-in scheduling calendar and payment processing suite.

A Recurring Revenue System

This is your first step towards true financial freedom. Leave the chasing of new clients and old invoices to us.

Be a Fitness Influencer

Do what you love to do and build a dedicated group of followers who want to stay fit and be part of a healthy fitness community.

Supportive Community

Being a solo fitness trainer can be lonely. Our community of trainers gives you the extra support your business craves.

Stability when you need it

Diversify your income stream so that you’re always prepared for any sudden and unforeseen dangers to your livelihood.

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Achieve financial freedom by helping people get healthy without gym memberships or travel restrictions.

Become a Fitclass trainer

Trainer Dashboard

Get access to a fully functional dashboard to check your revenue and upcoming classes, so that you can keep track of your business

  • Add classes and courses from the dashboard

  • Easily track for earnings from the dashboard

  • See your schedule of upcoming classes and courses so that you are always prepared for your customers

  • Earn Tips from Live Class Participants

    Leverage our state-of-the-art tipping system integrated via Zoom to earn massive income during the live trainings.

    You will also receive cool messages from your students while they are tipping you, that you can announce in the class to increase engagement and further tipping from other students in the class.

    How FitClass works?

    Create a class with our custom templates schedule it and your class will post instantly. We cover everything that you would normally have to do yourself: class hosting, client outreach, client invoicing, and chasing payments.

    Start your fitness journey today!

    Step 1: Create a Class or a Course

    With our easy to use Class and Course templates create your own Class or Course in a matter of minutes

    Create your First Class

    Step 2: Schedule your Class

    Use our easy to use in-built calendar to schedule your class at a convenient time. Also, synch it with your Google Calendar so that you never miss a class!

    Schedule your First Class

    Step 3: Go-live with your Students

    Integrate your Zoom with just one-click and then host your class from the FitClass app within seconds

    Become a FitClass Trainer

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    "FitClass has changed my life"

    Fitclass helped me expand my reach and make more money than ever before. I love how easy it is to connect with new clients and create customized fitness plans for them.



    "I've become a Fitness Influencer"

    Thanks to Fitclass, I've been able to turn my passion for fitness into a thriving business. The platform's user-friendly interface and marketing tools have helped me attract more clients and increase my revenue.



    "I made $3,000 in 1 month"

    Fitclass has been a game-changer for my fitness business. I can easily schedule sessions, track progress, and receive payments all in one place. Plus, the platform's community of trainers are amazing.



    Ready to List your classes on Fitclass and manage your schedule with ease?

    Sign up in minutes and take your fitness career to a whole new level, with a self-sustaining business

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    Features that will help you grow your business to the next level

    FitClass is focused on your growth!

  • Built-in payment processing suite so you can get paid quick right to your bank account

  • Tip feature - built-in tip button so your customers can tip you during a class, or if you choose to offer a free class

  • Built-in Calendar - track your classes with a scheduler that syncs with Google Calendar

  • Stripe merchant integration - Take control with your own built in merchant account 

  • Zoom Integration Included - Requires an existing zoom account or sign up when you log in Fitclass 

  • Dashboard with graphs, with comprehensive reports and forecast revenue to compare with previous months & years

  • Instant access to always knowing how many people are scheduled for a class.

  • Track most popular classes and your biggest fans

  • Advantages to trainers using of FItclass compared to training at local gyms

    If you are wondering why you must choose FitClass over local gyms, here are the reasons

    Global audience: With Fitclass, trainers can reach a global audience, meaning they can have classes with dozens or even several hundred people. This allows trainers to expand their client base and reach more people than they would be able to with a local gym.

    Schedule flexibility: Fitclass allows trainers to manage their class schedules and reservations with ease and fit their teaching schedule to their busy lifestyle.

    Cost-effective: Fitclass does not require trainers to rent out space at a gym and is free to join for trainers, which can save them money in the long run.

    Tips system: Fitclass has a built-in tips system, where attendees can tip their trainer during the training session, just like Twitch or Youtube live. This allows trainers to earn money while streaming their classes and reach more people

    Cost-effective: Fitclass is free to join for attendees, and many classes are free.

    Tips system: Fitclass has a built-in tips system, where attendees can tip their trainer during the training session, just like Twitch or Youtube live. So, they can support their favorite trainers, and trainers can earn money while streaming their classes.

    Social media platform: Fitclass allows trainers to use the site as a social media platform to increase their following and reach more people.

    Variety of classes: Fitclass offers a wide variety of classes such as Yoga, Pilates, Cardio Kickboxing, Spinning, Zumba, Body Pump, CrossFit, Bootcamp, Body Combat, Barre, Hot Yoga, TRX, Insanity, P90X, Hot Pilates, Tai Chi, Bikram Yoga, Rowing, Kettlebell, and HIIT. This allows trainers to showcase their expertise in different areas and reach more people.

    FitClass Fees

        Only apply when a class is booked and is deducted from your class booking. 
    You never have to spend before you earn.

    Free Class
    $0.0 / transaction
    Earnings between $1 - $10
    $0.50 / transaction
    Earnings between $11 - $20
    $1.00 / transaction
    Earnings between $21 - $25
    $1.50 / transaction
    Earnings between $26 - $30
    $2.00 / transaction
    Earnings above $30
    $2.50 / transaction

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